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In short: you are investing $400 in your own business, to either increase profits or reduce costs by at least double. You might need our expertise in vendor agreements, online technologies, open source, process automation, or just a different perspective on your problems.

The best reason to thoroughly evaluate anything is to reduce risks. That is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 3 months of the initial evaluation. We only want to reduce your business risks, never to create more.

Risk reduction can come in a few forms. The main two are: net income source and diversity increases, and decreases to all losses. Losses are not the same as costs, because costs are sometimes necessary to conducting your business. That is not to say you are not paying unnecessary costs that are indistinguishable from losses. We will help you find and eliminate your business losses, in all their forms.

So why $400? We should note here that you might not actually pay the full $400 in the end, because we will pay you back any portion of that which we didn’t save your business double within 3 months. For example, if we only save you $50 on your online advertising costs, or we fail to prove an increase in your advertising ROI by more than $50, then we will pay you $375 back at the end of 3 months. The $400 really just represents your commitment to help us find at least double that much profit or savings in your existing business, preferably a multiple of $1600. If we fail after you make that initial commitment, that’s on us!

$400 also happens to be our average consulting rate for a 3 hour session, which is the minimum time we want to dedicate to solving your biggest problems. We want to help you to succeed, and to thrive against the huge multinational competition that is trying to drown you out, so we just need to know up front that you are committed to your own success.

$400 is your message to us that you want to succeed. We can help. Just contact us here:

Please email Jared [dot] Hardy [at] CloserCycle [dot] com is this form does not load correctly.